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Abalone Shell
Use to hold sage in smudging ritual.

Approx. size - 5" across

Abalone Shell-Revered by the ancient tribes throughout the world as a magical gift from the sea - one which can stimulate fertility of both the mind and body and can protect against uncooperative attitudes and actions.

"Smudging" is the burning of the sacred herbs -such as sage - in cleansing, purification, and prayer ceremonies. All of the herbs used in the wands are viewed as "sacred" by Native Americans who have used the wands or loose herbs for generations for "smudging".

How to smudge- -Light the end of your wand. After it is ignited for about 10-15 seconds, blow out the flame and direct the smoke around your body and/or the area you wish to "purify". Some prefer putting the smoking wand in a fireproof container - such as an abalone shell - and directing the smoke with your hand or a smudge feather.

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Price $14.00