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Our Mission


Make Your Life Beautiful


At Monarch Gift Shop, we believe beauty inspires authentic, joyful living.  It is our mission to provide beautiful gifts, products and services to those who wish to live an inspired life!

Monarch is a family-run inspirational gift shop that has been serving our customers for 17 wonderful years.

We feel truly blessed to be a part of your journey.


Beautiful Home...Beautiful Body...Beautiful Mind...Beautiful Spirit

Beautiful Home
surround yourself with color
add more sparkles
hang an inspiring quote on your wall

decorate your garden
create a sacred space

Beautiful Body
have a massage
wear fabulous jewelry
enjoy aromatherapy
make healthy choices
nurture yourself

Beautiful Mind
learn something new
read a great book
strengthen positive values
create something special
discover your strengths
Beautiful Spirit
connect with God
find balance
live with joy
learn to let go
share gratitude

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